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Birthdate:May 16
Location:United States of America
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
And meet me tonight in Atlantic City.

Interests (82):

 :] , 'as you wish', 'character fucking development dammit', 'frolicking' with lis, 'mother knows best', 1ooo variations on transience, :[ space is a little brutal, \o/ , absurdly obscure pbs, agent elrond, al swearingen, all the bromances kthnx, all the tea. all. the. tea, always useful occasionally genius (rory), angels are not cuddly, axis of awesome, being all the cambions, blade runner and casablanca, blurring lines, breaking all the things, bucky barnes: human honey badger, bukowski and waits, captain renault, catwo&rm: depressed realists, cian fucking andley, cockblocking via tarantula: the remix, colin/ryan otp, daria morgendorffer, everything is somewhat liminal, exceptionally greek 'family' dynamics, finnish who, first mate of the mary-ann's fancy, french women apparently, generally complicating everything, hannibal allfather, hipsterfuck & indiefuck 4eva,, i am with judo always, inexplicably rooting for tig always, irl danriada, labyrinthine things, layout via ~chestnutgallery, life on the synchronicity highway, madilith, magical surrealism, making comment limits cry, meaningful nothings, mediums and midways, merlin and the band, music is important, myrddin emrys, offbeat domesticity, our lord king, paris & noach are mfeo, poetic prose & prosaic poetry, punk & lydia forever, rag and bone sympathy, rebuilding and rewrecking, rhythm and ritual, ron perlman could get it, rosencrantz & guildenstern, ruth aldine, sassery cooked until golden brown, shamelessly in love with eli, she seemed very regal to me, so-many-ideas-so-little-motivation, spaceboy & empathman (in space!), subtlety and then kaboom, ten words when one would do, theoretical maybe perhapses, time traveling purebloods, titans and protogenoi, tl;dring forever, unexpected things, unlovers are for life, unnecessary complications and layers, using my vagina for evil, war dogs and chaos theory, water women & serpent men, wolf and mouse games, ~czolgosz's dad, ½ of team 'good' with people
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